WAVE Stone


Reference BNC cables.

STONE is our foundation range, incorporating many of the WAVE High Fidelity Stream technologies and design features which have contributed to the success of the Stream Premium range whilst providing outstanding value for money.


WAVE Stream Premium BNC cables

These cables are developed to provide a slightly more affordable version of the Storm BNC cable. Silver plated copper is used for the conductor and a Furutch BNC connector is used for the BNC connections. All other elements of the Storm BNC are retained but these simple changes allow a more affordable price whilst providing nearly all of the performance of the Reference cable.


WAVE Storm Reference BNC cables.

has a 5N (99.999%) pure solid silver conductor and triple layer shielding with silver plated mesh. The BNC connectors are silver soldered with particular attention to providing a full circumference solder connection to the full perimeter of the sheathing for Reference grade performance.


What Nick Says


I made them, they're really great. Buy them.

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What everyone else says

Received yesterday my Wave Storm BNC cables (naked). They look and feel much more robust than all of my heavily ferrited cables (including Chord and Canare). The sound is darker than anything I have tested before (and probably because of that feels more open). Definitely a keeper. Thank you Nick.
— Alexander, Sweden.
The cables themselves are like a work of art! They are really something different and unusual. But most importantly they totally fix the issues between Blu and Dave.
— Jonathan, UK
The Wave cables are well packed in hessian bags which in turn are placed in a wooden box with foam.

The cables come with the options of naked (exposed ferrites )and dressed (sheathed), and I chose the dressed pair.

Weight wise they are lighter than the CA clamped full of ferrite, and also more flexible, though Nick has warned against overly bending them.

I was pretty happy with the CA, as among the cables I’d used with ferrites (Belden RG6, Belden RG11, Belden 12g, Canare 12g) that they offer the darkest background with no harshness nor listening fatigue. The difference between the cables is how many ferrites it takes before no difference is perceived, and for the CA, it was around 10+ iirc, compared to the rest where it was end to end and I couldn’t add anymore to detect if there’s still a difference.

Initial impressions with the Wave cables are that I could not detect any significant difference between them and the fully ferrited CA and IMO that’s a good start.
— @etnt on forum