WAVE STORM Reference BNC cables & STREAM Premium BNC cables

to ENHANCE the Chord Blu Mk2 and Hugo MScaler.


What Nick Says


“My objective with the WAVE STORM Reference and WAVE STREAM Premium BNC cables was to create Dual BNC cables which would enhance Chord Blu MKII Blu2 and HUGO MScalers by reducing RF noise. The aim is to allow the full detail and beauty of the music to shine through without harshness, glare or fatigue. . . . . and I think I’ve done it but don’t just take my word.

See what everyone else says!"

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What everyone else says

The cables themselves are like a work of art! They are really something different and unusual. But most importantly they totally fix the issues between Blu and Dave.
The Blu2-Dave has a specific problem which you can hear. I have tried several cables and Nick’s and only Nick’s so far has eliminated the RF artifacts I can hear.
After I had changed to your WAVE BNC cables, my wife entered our living room. After having listened for 2 minutes, she asked :“it sounds better, somehow, have you changed something?“ I was speechless, because I am proud of my accurate ear and my absolute pitch.
To put it simply, I believe I am cured! By that I mean that I can no longer hear any fizziness to vocals and my need for cable tinkering is over. The issue with vocals was very clear from track 1 with my previous cables but totally absent with the WAVE cable.
Received yesterday my Wave BNC cables (naked). They look and feel much more robust than all of my heavily ferrited cables (including Chord and Canare). The sound is darker than anything I have tested before (and probably because of that feels more open). Definitely a keeper.
The WAVE High Fidelity STORM Reference BNC cables have allowed me to get to a point where I stop analyzing the music and just focus on ‘listening’ to it.
The Wave cables just show you what’s going on. Nothing more nothing less.
Your cables have arrived safely and in an excellent packaging. In reality they look more beautiful than on the Fotos you’ve made and I have to state, that they are made in high-quality workmanship.