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A bit about Nick

With an interest in Hi-Fi going back more than 40 years, Nick is an inveterate tinkerer and thrives on a challenge especially if it involves a soldering iron.

Nick’s motto is that if it sounds different it must be possible to measure it. So his test instruments of choice are his ears and an extremely accurate calibrated set of meters. For every difference in sound so far he has been been able to measure a difference in the cables.

With many years experience as an Architect it is not surprising that Nick also has very firm ideas about the appearance of his cables. The often quoted ‘form follows function’ has come to the fore with the WAVE Storm Reference BNC cables designed to link the Chord Blu MkII MScaler to the Chord Dave DAC. These cables are attracting universal praise for their striking appearance and are being highly complimented for the improvement that they bring the Chord Blu MkII MScaler / Dave combination.