Just a note to let you know that I really like what your WAVE cables are doing for my Blu2/DAVE combination. The improvement is not subtle. In fact it was readily apparent within the first seconds of the first piece I played after connecting the WAVE Storm Reference cables between Blu2 and DAVE.

This is no strain at gnats to hear a difference improvement — my wife, who has no interest whatsoever in stereo gear other than it look presentable (her words) came into the living room and immediately asked, “What have you done to the stereo? That sounds really good!”. After giving up my chair in the sweet spot to her, I didn’t get it back for well over an hour. I can’t think of a better unsolicited compliment than that.

Adding the Blu2 was a significant improvement in digital playback over the DAVE alone, even with the stock OEM cables. However, the addition of the WAVE BNC cables has really allowed the Blu2/DAVE duo to reach its full potential. Using your WAVE cables is easily the largest step-change improvement I have ever heard from a cable upgrade, and I am no stranger to expensive aftermarket cables and interconnects. Well done!


Going back to the theme of alternative BNC interconnect cables, I've just had the opportunity to audition Nick's WAVE High Fidelity cables.

Before I continue, I just want to say that until this week we had never met before and I have no affiliation with WAVE High Fidelity.

Seeing how people have been experimenting with ferrites and alternative BNC cables to reduce/eliminate any RF, I was keen to hear if the WAVE cables sounded any better than my current Chord Signature (with additional ferrites) ones. So I contacted Nick, through this forum, and being as it turned out we don't live too far apart he invited me around for an audition. Also his front end (Innuos SE, BLU2 and DAVE) is identical to mine so I knew that if there were going to be any improvements, they would be carried across to my system.

I think that what Nick has achieved with the WAVE cables is quite remarkable, taking on the big boys at their own game. The quality of construction is second to none and they come presented in a professional looking case.

Straight away I could appreciate the difference between the WAVE and Chord, with the former having a much sweeter and better defined treble without any of the fatiguing harshness due to the RF.
I'm most definitely sold and have placed an order.

My understanding is that Nick offers the WAVE cables with a money back guarantee, and I will be surprised to hear if he ever gets any returned.

The bottom line is that I can highly recommend the WAVE cables to anyone looking for an upgrade and wanting to reduce the tiresome RF

Jörg, Germany

Your cables have arrived safely and in an excellent packaging. In reality they look more beautiful than on the Fotos you’ve made and I have to state, that they are made in high-quality workmanship.
Regarding my first listening impressions, yesterday, I had a chance to substitute my simple BNC cables by your WAVE cables.

I listened to different kinds of jazz and classical music and have to admit, although I am normally hesitant towards listening experience euphoria , that I noticed a general improvement, which I tend to attribute to :-
       - Less high frequency noise;
       - More natural heights;
       - Precise deep bass.

After I had changed to your BNC cables, my wife entered our living room. After having listened for 2 minutes, she asked :“it sounds better, somehow, have you changed something?“ I was speechless, because I am proud of my accurate ear and my absolute pitch.

Next weekend I expect to find more listening time, in order to be able to write down my listening impressions  with your BNC cables for a proper review.

Thank you for these great cables.

So I spent a second evening listening to my Blu2/DAVE/Utopia set-up with Nick's WAVE cables and I have to say I am very impressed. If we roll back a few months I was a cable sceptic. In fact for some purposes I still am. When companies like Audioquest describe a digital interconnect as having a defined bass or open treble my blood boils. That being said, I learned something new when it came to Blu2 and DAVE, that there are challenges of RF/EMI between mains powered interconnecting devices, and that interference becomes audible in the downstream analogue electronics.

Now many of us with a Blu2 have a tendency to be perfectionist and want to get that last few percent of sound improvement. And a good fair number of us have played with different cables. I went from the stock cable to Alvin's cables (Canare cable with Neutrik connectors) to Audioquest Carbon and of course a play with ferrites. I refused to do a total cable ferrite solution due to the ugliness of it all but @Rob Watts had mentioned noticeable improvement with 1-2 at the DAVE end and my experience agrees. For whatever reason, the Audioquest Carbon cables were far better than the stock and Canare ones at reducing the brightness added by the RF/EMI from Blu2, particularly with the ferrites. But there was still what I call "fizz" audible particularly on vocals. I realize fizz is an odd choice of words, but it is describing something that sounds modulating and changing as the inflection of the voice changes as opposed to just an aggressive harshness in the treble.

I was tempted by the original Clearer Audio group buy deal but realized it would be an expensive spend that would probably result in an ugly ferrite solution still like @etnt showed (no offense etnt!). So when Nick showed his "integrated" ferrite cable solution I was quick to reach out to him to see if would be setting up shop to make these for others.

So I went for the naked version of the cable where you can see the ferrite shape but because the are a part of the cable they are not bulky and ugly and simply look like an interesting and special cable design. As I mentioned then, I was surprised by how heavy and substantial they were, but then I had never applied 20 ferrites to a cable before. You have to be a bit careful not to over bend these but the have enough flexibility to be used in most situations. Nick recommends a 1m length so that there are enough ferrites integrated along the length of the cable.To put it simply, I believe I am cured! By that I mean that I can no longer hear any fizziness to vocals and my need for cable tinkering is over. A fairly recent album I have been listening to is Hailey Tuck's jazz album Junk. The issue with vocals was very clear from track 1 with my previous cables but totally absent with the WAVE cable. For me this was a subtle but annoying issue that once I tuned into, couldn't tune it out. Its absence was a great relief. I then shifted to playing a CD of Melody Gardot's Live in Europe album and simulcasting a FLAC rip of it using my Aries G2 streamer. This album is a great way of showing off what Blu 2 can do as the depth of the stage dramatically increases with the M Scaler technology. I struggled to hear a difference between USB and CD. I would probably still give the slightest edge to the CD but I think this is due to an issue with Blu 2's USB handling vs CD and absolute parity may not be possible. But without A/B comparing it I don't believe anyone would ever notice. It is worth noting that the Aries G2 has galvanic isolation on its USB output.I will do more USB vs CD tests, but overall the WAVE High Fidelity Storm cables have allowed me to get to a point where I stop analyzing the music and just focus on "listening" to it.

Jonathan, UK

Matt, Hawaii

I’m hearing a clearer signal, with more low-level detail retrieval, against a blacker background.  This allows me to hear more of what I want to hear without having to turn it up too loud – thus avoiding provoking my tinnitus!  I view this as a key, less-recognized benefit of high-end cables such as these.  In some favorite tracks, I am hearing parts of the music that I never heard before, and it makes me wonder what else I’ve been missing, and what lies ahead. Thank you for this! (WAVE STORM Reference dual BNC cables)

Donna, UK

With the 1m cable, listening was a pure joy.  Virtually all of the granularity and harshness disappeared leaving a very pleasing silky presentation.  These cables work, and work well.  There will be endless discussions over whether it is right or necessary to pay another £895 to get already expensive products from the same manufacturer to work together properly but in my opinion the 1m cable brings such benefits sonically that your price is justified. (WAVE STREAM Premium dual BNC cables with Chord Hugo MScaler)